IAM & IGA – Identity Access Management and Governance
Managing user access to IT resources is the responsibility of security and access management (IAM),
whereas governance includes the policies and procedures used to make sure that data and
IT operations are in line with organizational goals and legal requirements.
Access management is made secure and compliant by integrating IAM with governance
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About CyberDiverge
CyberDiverge is Your Reliable Defense Against Online Threats.
Providing Unparalleled Experience and Vigilance to Protect Your Data and Privacy
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Our Partners & Vendors
Our partners, who promote mutual trust and collaborative growth, are the foundation of our success.
Together, we excel because of our solid, long-lasting partnerships
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CIAM – Customer identity and access management
Utilize our CIAM system to automate consumer identification and authorisation,
resulting in safe and seamless digital interactions. Improve consumer confidence while protecting sensitive data
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Digital Transformation and Cloud Security
Strong cloud security solutions can help you with your digital transformation.
Protect operations and data as you expand and innovate in the cloud
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SIEM – Analytics, Threats Insight
Using our SIEM analytics, gain practical insights into threats.
Discover security threats earlier and react more skillfully to defend your firm
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We provide comprehensive solutions to meet your diverse needs, from technology consulting to creative design and everything in between

Maturity AssessmentModernization, Upgrade and Migration, Custom Solutions, Greenfield Implementation, Staff Augmentation…

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Improve customer registration and login experiences while reducing the risk of account takeover (a rampant problem in the consumer space because of password reuse..read more

Maturity Assessment, Process and Technology Assessment, Modernization, Upgrade and Migration, Greenfield Implementation, Staff Augmentation..

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centralized platform for aggregating and analyzing telemetry in real time for threat detection and compliance.read more
it’s a cultural change that requires organizations to continually challenge the status quo, experiment often, and get comfortable with failure.read more

Secure Your Digital Assets:

Implement new cutting edge security controls to protect your digital landscpe and assets. 

Data Security

Data is at heart of business, safeguard data through, strong access controls, audit and monitoring; prevent unauthorized access or data breaches.

Apps & Systems Security

Implement comprehensive security controls for applications and systems to mitigate vulnerabilities and protect against cyber threats.

Cloud Security

Implement strong technology controls and processes to protect data, apps, systems, and infrastructure, cloud native and cloud hosted, ensuring confidentiality, integrity, and availability.


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